Trinity Medical Pharmacy Celebrates Third Anniversary with Key Milestones


On its third anniversary, Trinity Medical Pharmacy marked a significant milestone in the advancement of its pharmacy-to-patient care: 50,000 patients and the prestigious recognition as the nation’s only triple-accredited compounding pharmacy.

“As a whole, pharmacies in America are evolving from a medication dispensary to a center of wellness and personalized medicine for the communities they serve,” said Krutika Patel, CEO. “We are proud to be an active part of this change, having the privilege and honor to impact 50,000 citizens of the Greater Tampa Bay community, and hope to double that in the coming year.”

Trinity Medical Pharmacy was founded in 2012 with a focus on being a leading specialty and compounding pharmacy with a concentration on hospital bedside delivery. The pharmacy outbid a major drugstore chain for their current space located next to a major community hospital and has since grown to a vast network that includes over 2,000 prescribing physicians, 50,000 patients and offers complimentary home delivery in 18 states.

Trinity Medical Pharmacy has recently earned the recognition as being the nation’s only triple-accredited compounding pharmacy, receiving certifications from the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB), the Healthcare Quality Association of Accreditation (HQAA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These certifications ensure that everything from the pharmacies compounded prescriptions to quality assurance, customer service and overall business operations are of the highest quality and standards within the industry.

“Achieving recognition from three of the pharmaceutical industries top accreditation agencies is rewarding for everyone within the company. For any organization to excel in today’s business environment, it’s critical it be fully committed to excellence, quality and high standards. Our acknowledgement by PCAB-HQAA-BBB aligns with and supports our efforts of providing superior products and service within the marketplace,” said Patel.

Trinity Medical Pharmacy’s impressive growth and industry recognition underscore its innovative, patient-centered core values. “I couldn’t be more proud of what our company has come to represent in the industry — when patients and doctors work with Trinity Medical Pharmacy, they know they’re going to receive high-quality, personalized care,” said Patel.


Trinity Medical Pharmacy is a Florida-based triple-accredited, full service retail and compounding pharmacy specializing in non-sterile custom compounding. Its proprietary treatments and custom formulations include: dermatology, ENT, migraine, oncology, orthopedic, pain, podiatry, smoking cessation and wound care. Trinity Medical Pharmacy is a affiliate of Trinity Pharma Group, located at 9332 State Road 54, Suite 203 in Trinity, Florida. Trinity Medical Pharmacy is a state-of-the-art compounding facility offering free delivery, complimentary pharmacist education/counseling, and incomparable customer service. For more information, please visit:

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Trinity Medical Pharmacy Celebrates Third Anniversary with Key Milestones
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