Pharmacy Burglary Caught On Camera

LAKE WINOLA — Police are trying to find two burglars who targeted a pharmacy in Wyoming County.

The thieves smashed right through the front door of the place at Lake Winola early Tuesday morning. Police gave us a look at the surveillance video.

Cameras captured step by step the break in at Lech’s Winola Pharmacy at Lake Winola, two thieves smashing the front door window and crawling inside early Tuesday morning.

Once they got in, the cameras rolled as they went right to where the pills are, and after only seconds at the shelves, they walk away with arms full of what state police say were pain meds and other prescriptions.

“It appeared they knew right where they wanted to go and they were in and out in less than a minute,” said pharmacy owner Mark Stamer.

Stamer is a co-owner of the Lech’s pharmacy chain. He got called to this store at Lake Winola in the middle of the night.

“Extremely frustrating to get called out at that hour and find something like this happened. It’s unfortunate that we have to go through this.”

A close-up look at the surveillance doesn’t show much. The burglars wore ski masks; one even had ski goggles but you can see their arms full of stolen pill bottles.

This isn’t the first Lech’s store to be targeted. The owner says he’s had other stores hit, too, all in rural locations like Dushore, Canton and now Lake Winola.

“This happened before. It took almost a year but we did find them,” Stamer said.

The burglary didn’t interrupt business but did lead the owners to consider other security measures.

It also has the workers at the store next door concerned.

“It was a little scary (that) they could just walk right in, cut out the glass and just walk right through and take what they wanted,” said Ruth Inman at Marty’s Market.

Marty’s Market has similar store front windows with plenty inside but was passed by.

The cameras caught the two thieves running off, not even looking next door.

“They just walked right past it so, you know what they were after, which is not cool,” said Inman.

If you know anything about the burglary at Lech’s Winola Pharmacy in Wyoming County, call state police Tunkhannock barracks.

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Pharmacy Burglary Caught On Camera
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