Pharmacist’s Letter Presents Interactive Session on the Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians at APhA


Pharmacist’s Letter, published by Therapeutic Research Center (TRC), will host an interactive question-and-answer session, “The Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians: What it Means for You, at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting and Exposition.

The interactive session will be hosted by Pharmacist’s Letter editors and editorial advisors, and will cover the changing pharmacy landscape and how to leverage the technician’s contribution to enhance pharmacist-patient interaction and improve quality of care. Editorial advisors will discuss why the role of the pharmacy tech is evolving and how it will impact pharmacy practice. They will also review the impact of the 2020 Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) requirement and how pharmacists can help guide technicians into this expanded role. The discussion is designed to be interactive, with dialogue between panelists and participants on best practices for boosting pharmacy teamwork and helping technicians take on new roles and responsibilities.

The event is open to all APhA attendees. Those wishing to attend may visit Booth #1125 on Sunday, March 29 at 11:15 a.m. at the Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, Calif.

About Therapeutic Research Center

Therapeutic Research Center is a leading provider of digital advisory and education information solutions for drug therapy and medication management. In addition to its highly regarded Letters (Pharmacist’s Letter and Prescriber’s Letter), Therapeutic Research Center also provides online resources that expand on their trusted recommendations such as drug comparison charts, patient education handouts, FAQs and tutorials, as well as a complete continuing education program, online competency and compliance program, a CE and Training Organizer, and learning management portal. TRC also provides a variety of education and advisory services to help technicians, including Pharmacy Technician’s Letter and Pharmacy Technicians University, soon to be one of the only online interactive training and certification courses to support the 2020 requirement. Over 400,000 health care professionals rely on TRC’s advisory and education service to give them the practical, unbiased, timely information they need to help improve medication use, prevent medication errors, and improve overall care, quality and outcomes.

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Pharmacist’s Letter Presents Interactive Session on the Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians at APhA
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