Pharmacist gives woman wrong pills

A 35-year-old woman who was undergoing frozen embryo transfer as part of her IVF treatment was forced to stop the procedure when a pharmacist gave her the wrong pills.

Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Theo Baker found the pharmacist failed to live up to professional standards when he gave the woman the wrong form of oestrogen.

He typed the first four letters of the medication – oest – into the computer system, and selected the first medication that came up, failing to check the medication against the prescription, the decision released on Monday found.

The woman found out the error two weeks later when she began spotting.

The fertility clinic found her endometrial lining wasn’t the right thickness as she’d been on the wrong pills and her embryo transfer cycle had to be stopped.

When the woman returned to get her correct prescription, a different pharmacist apologised for the error which she blamed on a computer problem.

But the woman felt the pharmacist didn’t acknowledge the impact of the error.

“I left the pharmacy crying, feeling quite distressed about the situation, the lack of acknowledgement of the magnitude of this situation for me, and the failure of the pharmacy to accept any responsibility for the error,” the woman said.

Ms Baker said there was no evidence the pharmacy was particularly busy at the time and found it wasn’t responsible for the pharmacist’s error.

The pharmacist has apologised to the woman.

A report identifying the pharmacist will be sent to the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand.

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Pharmacist gives woman wrong pills
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