Paseo Oaks Pharmacy Compounds Unavailable Medication

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Paseo Oaks Compounding Pharmacy compounds unavailable medications to benefit their patients. Medications can become unavailable or hard to locate due to manufacturing issues, declining profits or the introduction of new drugs. Medications may also be discontinued from the mass-produced drug market due to decreased demand, a change in formulation or altered doses or dosage forms. Drugs that have been withdrawn due to potential health risks may not be eligible for pharmacy compounding services because of safety concerns.

Paseo Oaks Pharmacy is a licensed compounding pharmacy with a commitment to providing its patients with the treatments they need, and they offer Calabasas compounding pharmacy delivery services for area patients. They offer hormone therapies for men and women, provide postpartum care, develop treatments for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hospice and palliative care, adjust dosages for patients with special needs, and create child-friendly flavors for pediatric medications. Dermatological, podiatry and veterinary medications are also available. Their team can deliver prescriptions to patients throughout the Paseo Oaks and Los Angeles areas, and a variety of payment options are available for patient convenience. Agoura Hills compounding pharmacy delivery services and Westlake Village compounding pharmacy delivery services are also available.

Pharmacy compounding is a specialty service that uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to provide precise formulations according to a licensed doctor’s prescription. It allows patients to enjoy more personalized health care that can be fully customized to meet their individual needs. Professional pharmacists at Paseo Oaks Pharmacy are able to use the active pharmaceutical ingredient for discontinued medications and compound them into the most appropriate dose and dosage form for each patient.  Visit for more information.

Additional adjustments to medications can also be made. The skilled team at Paseo Oaks Pharmacy can eliminate common additives and allergens, including dyes, gluten, preservatives, sugar and alcohol. They use only pharmaceutical-grade FDA-approved ingredients, follow all current guidelines and are licensed to practice pharmacy compounding. The latest technology and equipment are used, and their advanced records system can significantly reduce the risk of side effects, drug interactions and other unwanted problems. 

While compounding is an excellent option for those whose medications have been discontinued, it can also be a good choice for patients who simply need more customized treatment options due to special physical or personal needs.


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Paseo Oaks Pharmacy Compounds Unavailable Medication
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