New Pharmacist’s Letter Program Delivers Pharmacy Video Guidance to Enhance Patient Medication Understanding and …


Therapeutic Research Center (TRC) and Pharmacist’s Letter introduce MedsOnCue, an on-demand patient education video program designed to drive medication adherence and safety, while enhancing retail pharmacy loyalty and efficiency. The program is offered through a reseller agreement with VUCA Health.

MedsOnCue brings pharmacy-branded professional video counseling on the use of medications to the computer or smart device of a patient’s choice, as well as designated in-store pharmacy locations. The service may be branded with the retail pharmacy’s name and logo to reinforce engagement and loyalty. Engaging and personalized, it provides a more impactful alternative for delivering comprehensive medication information and answers to patient questions than traditional brochures and packaging printouts. The program also provides support for patient compliance through automated pre-populated dosing alerts delivered via text or email, to help improve medication adherence once the patient leaves the retail pharmacy setting.

“As medical care becomes increasingly individualized and sophisticated, appropriate medication management is more important than ever before. Yet, patient medication communication methods have changed little in the past quarter-century,” says Wes Crews, CEO for Therapeutic Research Center. “The MedsOnCue program addresses these modern health care challenges with a novel, modern solution, while building an ongoing digital relationship between the pharmacy and patients. The program also helps improve pharmacy quality of care and operational efficiency, a goal that is clearly aligned with TRC’s mission.”

Commenting on the new partnership, David Medvedeff, CEO of VUCA Health, says, “We are pleased to work with Therapeutic Research Center to provide this unique program to retail pharmacies nationwide, and provide an example of how quality content and advanced technology can be leveraged to improve patient care. TRC’s deep penetration in the retail pharmacy market will help ensure implementation of this program nationwide.”

About MedsOnCue

MedsOnCue quickly and conveniently provides access to a robust library of thousands of concise, medication-specific videos across multiple medical conditions. These are made available to patients through email and text message links, as well as scannable QR codes integrated into prescription labels. Pharmacies may also deliver the content through websites, patient portals, specialized retail kiosks or other in-store locations.

Available in both English and Spanish, digital videos are specifically designed to be patient-friendly, concise and easy-to-understand. They provide comprehensive information on proper medication usage, dosing, expected benefits, potential side effects, avoidable reactions and any specialized medication administration techniques required.

MedsOnCue offerings are interactive and customized for individual retailers with single-click access to the retail pharmacy phone numbers, patient-driven medication dosing and refill reminders, and additional pharmacy health care resources. Patients can easily share content digitally with MedsOnCue’s responsive design that supports display on any device.

Also created as a powerful retail pharmacy promotional tool, individual MedsOnCue programs deliver high-impact branding, with customized landing pages displaying pharmacy logos and engaging graphics, links to pharmacy websites and portals, and opportunities for pharmacy-specific messaging throughout.

About Therapeutic Research Center

Therapeutic Research Center is a leading provider of digital advisory and education information solutions for drug therapy and medication management. In addition to its highly regarded Letters (Pharmacist’s Letter, Pharmacy Technician’s Letter and Prescriber’s Letter), Therapeutic Research Center also provides online resources that expand on their trusted recommendations such as drug comparison charts, patient education handouts, FAQs and tutorials, as well as a complete continuing education program, online competency and compliance program, CE and Training Organizer, and learning management portal. Over 400,000 health care professionals rely on this advisory and education service to give them the practical, unbiased, timely information they need to help improve medication use, prevent medication errors, and improve overall care, quality and outcomes.

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New Pharmacist’s Letter Program Delivers Pharmacy Video Guidance to Enhance Patient Medication Understanding and …
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