Insight Pharma Reports Releases Marketing to Life Scientists Study

NEEDHAM, MA–(Marketwired – Apr 8, 2015) – Insight Pharma Reports, a division of Cambridge Healthtech Institute, releases a new market study focusing on marketing to life scientists. Developed as a best practices guide for marketers, this study has survey data from over 500 active life scientists across Biotech, Pharma, Academic, Healthcare, Hospital, Government and CRO industries, who shared their attitudes towards marketing practices, mediums and their own habits and preferences towards marketing.

A sample of the top questions answered in the inaugural edition of Marketing to Life Scientists: A Best Practice Guide for Marketers include:

  • Best day and time life scientists are more receptive to read emails
  • The number of emails life scientists receive in a day
  • The best type of message/offerings life scientists respond to
  • Types of social media life scientists use and how frequently
  • Why do life scientists use social media
  • The scientific publications they read
  • Responsiveness to telemarketing
  • And much more

This market study is laid out with commentary, analysis and striking visuals divided into key categories, including: Technology and Mobile, Outbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Telemarketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Advertising Mediums, Tradeshows and Other Media.

For a full description of the study and sample data included in the study, visit:

About Insight Pharma Reports (
Insight Pharma Reports are written by experts in consulting and industry who collaborate with us to provide a series of reports that evaluate the salient issues in pharmaceutical technology, business, and therapy markets. Insight Pharma Reports are used by leading pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, consulting, and financial companies to keep abreast of the latest advances in pharmaceutical R&D, their potential applications and business impacts, and their current and future position in the marketplace. Insight Pharma Reports is a division within Cambridge Healthtech Institute. 

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Insight Pharma Reports Releases Marketing to Life Scientists Study
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