In Depth: Ouita Davis Gatton, Registered Pharmacist

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, every minute of every day a poison control center answers a phone call about a child that has accidentally ingested a medicine. Ouita Davis Gatton, a registered pharmacist from Kroger, gives some safety guidelines for young and old.

Medication Safety Tips

• Do take your medication exactly as your doctor and pharmacist tell you.

• Do try to use only one pharmacy to fill your medications.

• Do keep medications out of reach of children.

• Do call your pharmacist if you have any questions related to your medications.

• Do use an appropriate storage device for your medications. Your pharmacist is your best resource.

• Do follow the directions on your prescription bottle(s).

• Do read all warning labels on your prescription bottle(s).

• Do not store your medications in extreme cold, heat or humidity. Appropriate places include a bedside table or kitchen shelf that is easily accessible.

• Do not crush or break your medication unless your doctor or pharmacist has told you it is OK. Many medications should not be broken or crushed.

• Ask your pharmacist about easy tools that will help you avoid medication mistakes.

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In Depth: Ouita Davis Gatton, Registered Pharmacist–ouita-davis-gatton–registered-pharmacist/
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