Frankston pharmacy burglarized twice in eight months


An East Texas pharmacy is targeted by burglars for the second time in eight months. On Monday around 5:00 a.m., thieves broke into the Maxwell Pharmacy on Highway 155 in Frankston.

Three men wearing dark hoodies were captured by surveillance camera footage.

Ann Maxwell, co-owner of the pharmacy, said the trio entered store while it was raining and fled the scene by vehicle in less than three minutes.Though two of the men in the surveillance footage kept their faces covered, one man removed his hood, giving the security camera a clear view of his face.

“Twice in one year is a little too much. It makes you insecure.” Maxwell said.

In June of 2014, the Maxwell Pharmacy was burglarized and surveillance footage also captured images of a suspect. Maxwell placed the images on social media, but no one recognized the culprit and no arrests were ever made.

Maxwell does not believe the two incidents involved the same people. 

“Please turn them in,” said Maxwell. “If you’re a mother or a grandmother of these young men, you don’t want them going down this path.”

The pharmacy had already requested increased surveillance after a customer accidentally ran a car into the side of their building.

Though the damage had not yet been fixed, Maxwell said the burglars were not able to gain access through the wreckage and entered through the door with a crowbar instead.

“I want them caught.” Maxwell said. “I’ll sleep better at night knowing they are off the streets and not bothering anyone else in East Texas.”

After 30 years in business in Frankston, Maxwell said that the incidents don’t make her consider relocating.

“We love Frankston, we love East Texas,” Maxwell said. “We wanted to be community-owned and locally-owned. Frankston is the community the Lord led us to.”

Maxwell said that before the 2014 incident, their store had not been burglarized in more than ten years.

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Frankston pharmacy burglarized twice in eight months
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