EPIC Pharmacy Network Has Selected PrescribeWellness to Provide Its Members with the Tools They Need to Improve …


EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc. (EPN), one of the nation’s largest managed care networks for independent pharmacies in the United States, has licensed the PrescribeWellness Patient Engagement Center for their entire network.

PrescribeWellness, the SaaS, cloud-based platform that delivers efficient patient communications and actionable solutions to community pharmacists, will begin working directly with nearly 1,900 EPN member pharmacies to improve their Star measures, strengthen patient loyalty, and increase revenue.

“EPIC Pharmacy Network has long been known to set the standard in managed care contracting services for independent pharmacies,” said EPN President Angelo Voxakis, P.D. “This decision signals to our members that we are committed to their success, focused on the future, and willing to take ‘the road less traveled’ to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.”

“We are excited about the new partnership with EPIC Pharmacy Network,” said PrescribeWellness President Al Babbington. “EPN is making a powerful statement by investing in the industry’s best tools to improve pharmacy performance. We are confident in our ability to show each member a significant return on that investment – through more adherent & loyal patients, greater revenues, and improved scores on the Star measures.”

“During this turbulent time in our industry, it is great to see two industry leaders joining forces to help independent pharmacies succeed,” said Joe Moose, PharmD, owner of five Moose Pharmacy locations in North Carolina. “I applaud the leadership team at EPN for their decision to lead the way for their members, because so many of us are struggling with which direction to take.”

About EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc.

A wholly owned subsidiary of EPIC Pharmacies, Inc. formed in 1992, EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc. (EPN) represents independent pharmacies in providing centralized contracting and administrative services to pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), HMOs, and other third-party payers. With access to Star measures resources, enhanced third party support, simplified compliance requirements, and easy-to-use reconciliation system, EPN members are provided the tools for success in today’s competitive market. For more information, visit www.epicrx.com.

About PrescribeWellness

PrescribeWellness proprietary cloud-based platform is designed to educate and inspire better health. The platform empowers pharmacies and other healthcare professionals to provide more effective, as well as a wider range of, preventive healthcare services. Digital engagements include medication adherence, chronic disease management, transitional care and population health. With data integration and behavioral science at the foundation, PrescribeWellness software solutions position the pharmacist at the center of community healthcare prevention. For more information please visit www.prescribewellness.com or info@prescribewellness.com.

Source Article from http://finance.yahoo.com/news/epic-pharmacy-network-selected-prescribewellness-140700664.html
EPIC Pharmacy Network Has Selected PrescribeWellness to Provide Its Members with the Tools They Need to Improve …
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