Elburn pharmacist's retirement concludes nearly 70-year family tradition in village

Their sons, Jon and Eric, said they spent as much time at the shop as they did at home. The entire family worked there, and an uncle worked in the same part of the building. The brothers said they loved their jobs, and they said it was an enjoyable way of life, but it did mean their parents couldn’t both take a vacation at the same time. Their parents both fielded calls after the store closed, and the brothers said they always did what they could to accommodate customers.

Jon Gustafson lives in Elburn. He is studying to be a nurse. Eric Gustafson lives in Texas, where he is a police officer. They both remember working at the store.

“I think as soon as I was tall enough to reach the cash register, I was in there as a clerk, stocking shelves and checking expiration dates,” Jon Gustafson said, adding, “it never really felt like work for me.”

He said he learned to have a sense of community. He would see friends and relatives all the time. But he wished he had been able to take vacations with both parents.

Eric Gustafson said when he was a fifth-grader, he started dusting some shelves, and “it turned into doing a little bit of everything.”

“Being that it was a small town, and being that it was so close to our home anyway, it was an extension of home,” he said. “I have a lot of memories about that place. Being in town, close to our house, if you wanted to see mom or dad, that’s where you would go. … A lot of work was put in, but it didn’t feel that you were stuck at work.”

Ken Gustafson described it as a different time in the village. In the downtown area, there was his store, and Dave Anderson, now the village president, ran a grocery store. And the store Ken Gustafson called the “survivor,” Ream’s Elburn Market, remains in downtown Elburn, as popular as ever.

Anderson called the Gustafsons “public servants in their business.” He mentioned how they gave out their home numbers so they could be reached after hours.

“They were, in my opinion, a prime example of hometown Americana,” Anderson said, noting the family members remain involved in village activities. Gliddon was a Village Board member, and his wife, Margaret, was a school board member. The Gustafsons are active in the Elburn Lions Club. Ken Gustafson is on the village’s police pension board. Mary Gustafson is on the planning commission.

Source Article from http://www.kcchronicle.com/2015/01/13/elburn-pharmacists-retirement-concludes-nearly-70-year-family-tradition-in-village/anp5foh/
Elburn pharmacist's retirement concludes nearly 70-year family tradition in village
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