AesyntTM to Expand IV Automation Direct Sales and Technical Service in Australia


Aesynt™, a leading provider of integrated pharmacy automation solutions for hospitals and health systems, announced today its decision to directly manage sales and service to customers in Australia following the successful installation of the first second-generation robot in Melbourne, well ahead of its global competition.

“We are very pleased to have replaced our original first generation cytotoxic robot (Cytocare) with the new generation i.v.STATION ONCO robot in December 2013. The new robot has been put through its paces and is producing live products here at Peter Mac, Australia’s only stand alone, publicly funded hospital dedicated to cancer care. The i.v.STATION ONCO has delivered a number of improvements over Cytocare including increased speed, increased loading capacity, automated labelling, and syringe capping. With the introduction of Aesynt to the Australian market we are now enjoying direct local support rather than relying on either third party or Northern Hemisphere support for the robot. We expect this enhanced local support to enable us to maximize the utilization of the new robot to improve both the efficiency and quality of our production facilities. I invite my colleagues to come and visit our facilities to learn more about the potential for this technology in the Australian healthcare setting,” said Sue Kirsa, Director of Pharmacy at the Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia

With the acquisition of Health Robotics, the leading global provider of IV automation solutions, Aesynt is now the only company to offer automation solutions at every stage of medication delivery—from the medication distribution source to administration at the patient bedside—regardless of medication type or distribution model.

“We foresee Australia as a key future area for growth in the pharmacy automation space and look forward to upcoming site visits where we’ll be sharing specific plans for Australian and New Zealand operations,” said Kraig McEwen, CEO of Aesynt. “Gaspar DeViedma, IV Global Managing Director, will play a significant role in developing new partnerships in this market, and we look forward to helping hospitals and health systems in Australia and New Zealand to streamline pharmacy operations for improved financial performance and overall care delivery.”

The manual compounding and dispensing of injectable medications is one of the highest risk, expensive and labor-intensive processes in the hospital pharmacy. By adopting IV automation solutions, these hospitals are able to:

  • Implement safe and efficient production of ready-to-administer IVs;
  • Reduce medication errors;
  • Increase medication throughput; and
  • Lower costs associated with IV compounding and dispensing.

About Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre

Through a continued commitment to excellence, innovation and compassion, Peter Mac has grown from humble beginnings with just a handful of staff in a one-room clinic, to over 2,500 staff at five sites across Victoria. In the words of Sir Peter MacCallum, ‘Nothing but the best is good enough for the treatment of cancer’. This sense of purpose and commitment to making life better for people with cancer, their families and carers, continues today at Peter Mac. Visit to learn more.

About Aesynt

Aesynt Incorporated is committed to continuously advancing medication management, offering integrated pharmacy automation solutions that help health systems to support improved patient outcomes, build stronger businesses and manage ongoing change. For more information, visit Follow Aesynt on Twitter at

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AesyntTM to Expand IV Automation Direct Sales and Technical Service in Australia
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